The Tearooms at Shamrock Cottage

I love editorial work, I get the best of everything. People, food, culture, home and heart. Here’s the latest…. The Tea Rooms at Shamrock Cottage.

From humble beginnings – a trip to the council, picnic basket in hand and Judith’s big idea to take over the adorable heritage house at 79 Selwyn Rd. The Tea Rooms at Shamrock Cottage is an overly lovable and comforting spot with 168 years of history. Whether nattering over coffee with friends, taking residence in a shadowy corner to write, or to taste the lashings of sweet treats – it certainly will not disappoint. My favourite? Cherry Ripe Slice…

Its not raw food, its not paleo, its not this trend, or that trend – it’s a mixture of all things great and its hearty food made with love. What makes it even more fabulous? Family. Its a family affair with Judith and her four children all helping out when they can and the staff seem part of the sweet package deal too. How refreshing.

Pictured Below: Lemon Cake, Homemade Apple Pie, Hotcakes with Raspberry, Apricot Jam filled Donuts, Homemade Lemon Lime Bitters, Salted Caramel Slice.

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